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To any First-Time home buyer (such as myself) or to any home buyer for that matter:

You want to know who to FIRST speak with to start an incredible home buying experience? You want to know who to use for your loan on a home?

My answer will be Casey, from Alliance West Mortgage.

1. I’m a first-time home buyer
2. A crazy 7-day contingency period
3. 17-day escrow (spoiler alert: Casey from Alliance West closes this sucker in 15 days – and could’ve done it sooner had the seller been prepared on their end)

After choosing Casey from Alliance West as my loan guy, my realtor literally goes MIA due to him not getting my loan business.  Casey makes you feel like he could beat anyone in the market on price and rate, and that was the case in my experience.  He will even beat the market in service.

With little to no communication on the realtor end, Casey went above and beyond his job description from advising me on and reviewing my inspection reports for potential deal-breaking problems, to accompanying me in the final walkthrough of the home before close.  He took a vested interest in my experience, and he made me feel important to his business.  He basically became everything my realtor refused to do for me during this due diligence period, along with doing a stellar job on the loan end.

But don’t take my word for it, the seller’s agent was incredibly impressed by Casey’s professionalism and work-ethic.  While on call with the seller’s agent, she told me how her escrow people pretty much claimed that Casey walked on water.  Claiming that the guy was “lightning fast” when it came to making sure everything was in order.

You want to know who to use for loan on a home?  My answer will be Casey, from Alliance West Mortgage.

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