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“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”:

Aaron is excellent at what he does! Our story is a bit long so I will keep it short. We began our search for a new home back in 2013 and finally closed on a property this September 2018! Aaron was with us (my Husband and I) the whole way. When we started in 2013 we had absolutely no idea how to even begin to look for a home. He took the time to educate us and walk us through the process step by step. We thankfully had an agent already picked out but he also had that locked down should we have needed an agent too. He stuck with us through the search in 2013 and then we took a break after an unsuccessful attempt. We tried again off and on for 5 years and He was with us each time encouraging us and coaching us along to the finish line. Whenever we made an offer he made himself available to answer any questions during the offer process. What I am saying is there isn’t a better lender out there who will go as far as Aaron will for you! This guy is at the top of his game and is only getting better! Do yourself a favor and use Aaron for all your mortgage needs!

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