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Moving Checklist

Moving can be a very stressful and chaotic process.  Stay ahead of the chaos by planning ahead.  This Moving Checklist is designed to help you organize and schedule your move!

Click this link for a printable version of our Moving Checklist.

Happy Moving!

Create a file for all of your move related items; contracts, receipts, checklists etc and keep it nearby.
Locate all important medical, legal, insurance, tax and other records and store them in an easily accessible and safe place so they won’t get packed.
Begin searching for your moving company or truck rental company to begin planning.  When contacting a mover, be sure to ask;
Do they offer on-site estimates?
How do they determine pricing? By hours, packaging etc..
What items will the movers pack for me? At what cost?
Is the estimate binding / guaranteed?
Are they insured for your items if damage occurs?
Separate and sort items you’re going to keep, donate, or discard. This is a good time to sell some items at a garage sale!
Have your valuable items appraised in the event of damage. Take photographs of their condition and save the records in a safe place.
Get moving supplies together. Ask friends. You’ll need boxes, box cutters, tape and dispensers, bubble wrap for fragile items, labels, blankets etc.
Start packing storage areas (garage, attic, sheds) and other rarely used items (books, decorations, extra linens)
Create a color scheme or labelling method for each of your rooms (eg. the master bedroom uses blue labels)
Label boxes with your scheme and include the contents of each package for easy unpacking
Contact your utility companies and TV provider to schedule disconnection and starting new service. (Turn OFF the day after you move from your old home and Turn ON the day before you move in to the new home)
Schedule a locksmith at your new home to have your locks changed.
Schedule a cleaning crew at your new home before your move in to tidy up.
Start packing and labelling the majority of the items not used daily
Contact the Post Office to initiate a change of address
Notify credit card companies, employers, banks, insurance, newspaper etc. of your new address
Formulate plans to accommodate those with sensitive needs (infants, elderly, pets etc.)
Communicate with your agents, lenders and other involved parties to establish a firm closing date – communicate that with movers etc.
Pack one weeks worth of clothing and toiletries in a suitcase
Pack everything else you won’t need. Make sure you don’t pack things the movers agreed to pack :)
Place small valuables and your important documents in a box. Keep it near by and don’t send with the movers.
Print an information sheet for your movers. Include old and new addresses, contact phone numbers, directions and special instructions
Walk through the entire home with the movers to make sure nothing is left behind. Check all drawers and cabinets!
Give all your house keys to your real estate agent.
Test all faucets, toilets, smoke detectors and other utilities for functionality
Inspect the home for damage. Take photographs of the condition the home was left BEFORE signing your release.
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